Full ice 1-3-1 is a system in a hockey that is used by a lot of teams, and the purpose of this system is to make sure that the team using this system can easily defeat the opposing team when it comes to defense, as well as offensive zones. It sounds difficult, but it does work a lot well.

For starters, the system uses one player for the forward, one for the center mid, two for the center wings, and one for the defender.

It is certainly a different way, but it works a lot well. We are going to be looking at some of the different ways this whole system works so the readers can have a better understanding.

Defensive Zone

The defensive zone, people, the people who are on the defense will always position themselves on the stronger side of the ice. They have a simple job to do and that is to pressure, and win the game as well.

On the center mid-side of things, it is the 2nd layer, and the players in that area are responsible for preventing against breakdowns that happen. Normally, whenever the puck goes loose, these players act up and start coming into the play.

Then comes the center wings, they find themselves playing on the aggressive and making sure that they can strategically hit the puck as many times as possible.

Many experts say that the forward position is the easiest because their only job is to make sure that the opposing team does not get the good shot.

Offensive Zone

In this zone, the defensive is responsible with being on the strong side, which is the side that the puck will be on. They are supposed to play aggressively and make sure that the puck stays along the wall whenever possible.

The center mid is responsible for hunting the puck throughout the offensive zone. They do play as the support as well.

In the offensive zone, the most important position is the center wings, and this one is normally filled with players who are not just smart in the game, but well-disciplined as well.

The forward positioners are merciless and relentless when it comes to the puck, and they do come with the most freedom when it comes to chasing down pucks.

Neutral Zone

In this zone, the position of the face-off is the most important and must be decided properly, otherwise, it can lead to confusion that no one is fond of. This needs to be done before every single game.

The defenders in this zone will always be on the side of the puck in order to make sure that whatever they need is in front of them.

The center wings have a rather simple job to do here; if the puck is on their side, they need to make sure that they are engaged with it. They are supported by the center.

Forwards in this situation are playing on the offense, in order to make sure that the puck is handled perfectly.

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