I still remember my first time in Bali, and while my experience went smooth thanks to some careful planning, the same cannot be said about everyone who goes to Bali. Simply because not everyone prefers to be well prepared in the process, and therefore, end up making some mistakes that are best if they are avoided.

Keeping that in mind, the thing that you need to know is that the more mistakes you avoid, the better it is going to be. You can check some amazing Bali tour packages that are going to help you have a great experience. As for now, we are just going to be looking at some of the common scams that could happen to the unsuspecting people.

Commissioned Drivers

The thing about transport is that you can actually find some really, really cheap transport in Bali. However, you will also run into some commissioned drivers that will give you offers that might seem too high, or too low depending on the money you have. However, most drivers are commissioned by specific restaurants or shop owners and receive commission by bringing customers there. It is best if you just avoid that and go with some good alternatives.

Taxi Rides

Taxi rides are rather cheap in Bali, or that is what most people are under the impression of. However, there are several phony drivers that trap the customers by charging them extremely high prices for taking them around the place. The key is to ask a couple of different drivers in order to set a baseline and then go with the driver that you think is the best and that way, you can have a good experience without any issues that might come your way.

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