What is the first thing that comes to mind when your drain gets clogged? If it is that you should call a plumber then you probably do not know about drain cleaners. A majority of clogged drains only need to be cleaned out properly. A plumber will come over and charge you for simply clearing out your drain with a powerful water jet. You can do the same thing right at home without any fancy equipment or expertise. All you need is a drain cleaner that you know works well.

Drain cleaners are one of those must have house hold cleaning products that unfortunately not many homes have. Drain cleaners make clearing out drains quick and easy. Using a drain cleaner is painfully simple, all you have to do is identify a clogged drain and then pour the drain cleaner into it. Every drain cleaner comes with its own instructions and usage. Some cleaners need to be diluted with water before you pour them down your drain. Others can be used right from the bottle and some need to be added into hot water in order to activate them.

Drain cleaners are essentially nothing more than a combination of powerful chemicals that dissolve much, grease, and other soft debris. They work great in a variety of drains. You can have a drain cleaner clear out your kitchen sink, your shower drain, and even your house’s septic system. The effectiveness of a drain cleaner comes down to how well you use it, and on its quality.

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